Occupational therapy is a form of intervention in which the therapist and child work to develop or improve the necessary skills for functional daily living through activity. Therapy can target skills needed for: school readiness/performance, motor skills, coordination, cognitive and perceptual skills, self care and social skills, as well as sensory processing skills such as focus/attention, calming/regulatory behaviors and more.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy is centered around play, which a child's most prominent occupation. Through play children learn about the environment around them as well as key concepts that create foundations for later life skills.

Occupational Therapy provides evaluation of gross motor skills, oral motor development, visual perception, fine motor abilities, and sensory integrative functioning. Sensory integration is the ability to process and respond to sensory information from touch, movement, vision, and hearing.

Our Occupational Therapists, licensed by the state of California, are authorized and qualified to provide occupational therapy evaluation, treatment planning, treatment, instruction, and consultative services.